Everything happening this week at the Devils

Everything happening this week at the Devils

From Merchandise offers to interviews with Kelman and Lord, here's everything happening this week:

MERCH MONDAY – We’ve added adult and kids packs to the merchandise store, both £25 and both with free UK shipping – CLICK HERE for more details.


TUESDAY – We are partnering with Kidney Wales to support their 10k and 2k virtual fun runs and you can get involved, get moving and support the vital work they do in Wales - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


CHL JERSEY RAFFLE - We are raffling off the remaining 15 CHL jerseys. The raffle ends Saturday Night at 10:00pm - CLICK HERE to buy tickets.


WEDNESDAY – Midweek classic game.  We’ve got a treat on Saturday for you (keep reading) but we don’t want you to miss out on a hockey fix this week, so we are turning back the clocks to October 22nd, 2017 when the Devils hosted the Nottingham Panthers.  The puck drops at 7:00pm. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE


THURSDAY – Update from Todd Kelman. A sit down interview with the Devils Managing Director who will talk about summer signings, the search for our new coach and planning for a season during a pandemic. 


FRIDAY – It’s the weekend that would have been the Devils Summit in Calgary, Canada but have no fear, we are going to stream our next signing announcement live from our owner's Stampede Party.  The time change probably means a late signing, likely around 9pm.  We will keep you posted. 


SATURDAY – The big interview.  Icetime TV are sitting down this week with Andrew Lord to reflect on his 7 years with the Devils. The interview will premier at 7:00pm on Saturday Night.  LINK TO FOLLOW HERE


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