The Cardiff Devils will be moving the away section from Block 12 to Block 16 starting from the 2020/21 season.  


There are 4 main reasons for making this change:

1) Block 12 has 70 more seats than Block 16 and there are very few teams that bring with them enough fans to fill Block 12. Making this switch means there are more seats available for home fans to book as soon as the seats go on sale. Based on this season’s numbers of traveling fans for each game, there would have only been 2 games so far out of 31 that required more than the total number of seats in Block 16.  In fact, for most games Block 12 gets filled up by Devils fans that have been unable to book tickets together because the games are selling out so quickly. 

2) Block 12 is right next to the standing section in Block 13, so separating the away block from the standing block makes sense. There haven’t been any real issues, but we are pretty certain that if you are traveling to Cardiff to watch your team play, you would prefer not to have a massive Devils flag being waved in your face.  

3) When Away fans do travel in big numbers, the booking can spill over into Block 15 quite easily because there are not very many season ticket holders in that section, whereas there are more and more people taking season tickets in Block 11, which is where the spill over would have to happen now.  

4) Block 16 has wheelchair spots, Block 12 does not.  Currently when we have away fans that require a wheelchair spot, we have to sit them elsewhere in the Arena, so they haven’t been able to be with their own fans.  Next season this won’t be an issue.

We have already contacted the 8 season ticket holders in Block 16, so they are aware of the change starting next season. They have been given first choice of seats in Block 12 or a choice of seats elsewhere in the Arena.  All of them have been very understanding of the situation and supportive of the change.  We thank all of the current Block 16 season ticket holders for being so good about this.  Nobody likes to move their seats, but much like those that moved to make way for the standing section in Block 13, they understand the reasoning behind the change and are supportive of the organisation.  So thanks again.  


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