Devils Set to Announce New Head Coach Tuesday

Devils Set to Announce New Head Coach Tuesday

The Cardiff Devils new Head Coach will be confirmed on Tuesday.

The new man in charge is brand new to the Elite League and has agreed to terms for the 2021-22 season.  

"We had the luxury of extending this search for much longer than we possibly could have in other off-seasons," explained Managing Director Todd Kelman.

"We did several rounds of interviews, so we got to know a number of candidates very well.  We then had a number of coaches present a pre-scout of teams in our league and show us how they break down opponents prior to games.  

"The process has been very detailed but it means we have left no stone unturned.  We have spoken to over a dozen references including players that played for him, coaches that have worked with him, General Managers he has worked with. 

"We wanted to make sure we had the right person to fit into our organisation and I am very confident we have the right guy."

Find out who it is and watch interviews tomorrow with the new coach and with Todd Kelman who will go into more detail on the process of finding his new coach.

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