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The kids are taking over the game on Sunday March 1st when the Devils host the Dundee Stars at 4:00pm and you can be part of the show.


The kids are taking over the game on Sunday March 1st when the Devils host the Dundee Stars at 4:00pm and you can be part of the show.


We are looking for Devils fans 12 years old and under to take over key roles within the Devils organisation.

We need replacements for our Managing Director, Customer Relations Manager, Social Media Manager, Head of Ticketing, VIP entrance host, Match Day Announcer, DJ, Ticket scanners, our merchandise stand, our raffle ticket sellers and a host of other jobs around the Arena.


If you want to be part of the fun, here is what you need to do:

1) MATCH DAY ANNOUNCER – We need a video audition of you to prove that you have what it takes to electrify a sold out crowd at Viola Arena. If you don’t know the script, here it is:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…. It’s Sunday, it’s game day here at the fabulous Viola Arena in beautiful Cardiff Bay.. So without further ado, Let’s get out of our seats… Put your HAAAAAAAAANDS together, for your team, the home team.. Your PEACOCKS CARDIFF DEVILS!!!!!!!!”

Send your audition video to us via Facebook, DM on Twitter or by email to [email protected]

We are going to be using a number of kids throughout the game to announce the team onto the ice, the goals, assists, penalties and everything else. We also may be using some of these to promote the game via social media so please specify if you do not want us to use your video on social media.

2) OTHER JOBS – If you aren’t up for auditioning to be on the mic, we have plenty of other jobs for kids to do. Just email us at [email protected]


** The small print (also known as the important bits for your parents to read)

We will need the name, age and where your season ticket seats are, or where you have bought tickets for the game. This is open to season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders although if we are overrun with applications, we will bump season ticket holders up the list.

And parents, don’t worry – there will be a responsible adult overseeing the kids for every job and you are more than welcome to be there with your child the whole time as long as you have a ticket for the game (season ticket or purchased ticket).


What we do require is for every child chosen to work for the Devils, we will need their parents to sign a permission document to allow them to participate. We will also require them to wear proper business attire on the night, no Devils apparel while they are working. They can put on a jersey after their shift is done, but we are a professional team and they need to look the part. Make sure you send us the best person to contact for us to get back to you. We need a name, email and a mobile number please. No need to chase us to follow up, we will get back to you with more information by 6pm on Monday Feb 24th.

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