Looking to become a Devils season ticket holder? 

Here is everything you need to know about purchasing a season ticket for the 2022-23 season:



The blocks are as follows:

Devils ticket map.jpg

Price Bands

  Gold Silver Bronze
Adult £588 £532 £504
Senior £476 £420 £392
Registered Disabled  £476 £420 £392
Youth £448 £392 £364
Child £364 £308 £280


22 - 59 years of age as of Sept 1st, 2022


60 years of age and up as of Sept 1st, 2022


proof of eligibility required at time of application


16 - 21 years of age as of Sept 1st, 2022


3 - 15 years of age as of Sept 1st, 2022

Benefits of a season ticket

  • Choose your seat and keep it for all 32 home games included in your season ticket
  • Your season ticket is the equivalent of getting 4 free games
  • First refusal to purchase your same seat for any additional games like Pre-season, Challenge Cup Semi-Final or Play-Off home games
  • Save £32 per person on ticket service charges
  • Exclusive season ticket holder only jersey available to purchase
  • Up to 2 free webcasts of games included in your season ticket that you are unable to attend
  • Exclusive monthly merchandise offer events throughout the 22/23 season
  • Access to season ticket holder only events
  • Puck sponsorship at a discounted price £30 (season ticket details must be submitted to claim the discount following the booking)

Download an application form - CLICK HERE

List of available seats - CLICK HERE


  • Check the seat you want is available.
  • Complete the application form including your preferred payment method. Please note all direct debit payment plans commence on 1st April 2022, for 12 monthly instalments and include a £25 admin fee per mandate. If you submit later and still want to pay monthly, we will adjust your monthly payments to match the number of months remaining in order to finish payments by March 1st, 2023.
  • Submit with accompanying ID by email to [email protected]; or hand in on match night to the sales desk in front of Block 4; or hand in at reception; or submit by post to Cardiff Devils, Ice Arena Wales, Olympian Drive, Cardiff CF11 0JS.


  • If you are an existing season ticket holder and wish to keep the same seat, you have until the 31st May 2022 to renew your existing seat. Each renewal needs to be submitted using our season ticket application form.
  • Many of you wrote to us to say you did not want any credit for the games missed when we were forced to play behind closed doors.  This is a very generous offer, but it is not for everyone, so there is a spot on the application form to either take the credit or not take the credit.  We have left that up to you to decide. 

Below are next season's match day ticket prices so you can calculate the savings in purchasing a season ticket.


  Gold Silver Bronze
Adult £21 £19 £18
Senior £17 £15 £14
Registered Disabled  £17 £15 £14
Youth £16 £14 £13
Child £13 £11 £10