Thursday 30 May

It's Ben Davies' Testimonial Week!

On Saturday June 1st we celebrate the career of Ben Davies


Join current and former Devils on Saturday night to celebrate the career of Cardiff's very own Ben Davies.  

CLICK HERE to book your seats online or call us on 0800 0842 666.

The players are arriving all this week to be part of the festivities. 

The doors open at 4:30pm on Saturday with the main bar open from then as well as the Devils Merchandise Shop.

The puck drops at 6:00pm with a postgame jersey auction immediately after the game.  The players will be joining the fans right after the game to mingle and catch up in tha main bar upstairs. 

Davies will be joined by former, current and future Devils including:

Josh Batch, Joe Myers, Sam Duggan, Josh Waller, Mark Richardson, Ben Bowns, Mike Will, Chris Jones, Joey Lewis, Nicky Lewis, Owen Griffiths, Alex Symonds, Phil Hill, Max Birbaraer, Jake Morrisette, Michael Hutchings, Matt Haywood, Sam Smith, Gerad Adams, Bari McKenzie, Bayley Harewood, Jason Stone, Merv Preist, Steve Moria, Matthew Myers, Adam Harding, Chris Blight, Petr Cech, Mac Faulkner, Tyson Marsh, Cody Donaghey, Joey Martin, Gleason Fournier, David Sadler, and Harry Thomas.

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