Friday 26 May

The Josh Batch Testimonial is finally here

Here's everything happening on Saturday night at Ice Arena Wales


WHO'S COMING?  If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you can still book online HERE or by calling 0800 0842 666. The list below shows almost all of the players and there were a couple late additions including Brodie Reid and Sam Jardine.   

players-batch.jpgGET DOWN EARLY - The doors open at 5:30pm on Saturday and the merchandise stands, raffle tickets and chuck a pucks will be on sale starting then.  We also have a souvenir programme celebrating the career of Josh Batch and it will surely sell out, so get your hands on one of those right away!

LEGENDS Q & A - The main bar will have a stream of Devils legends coming on stage starting from 5:45pm.  Get down early, grab a drink and see who wanders up to have a chat with John Donovan on stage.  Trust us, you won't want to miss this.  

martin-and-batch-v-nott-JA.jpgTHE PLAYING FORMAT -  The game will have a first and third period (25 minutes running time each) with a skills competition replacing the middle period.   Events will be hardest shot, scoring challenge and fastest skater.  

SHIRT OFF HIS BACK - Get your tickets for this very special Shirt Off His Back Raffle for a chance to win a Batch Testimonial jersey signed by the entire playing roster.  

batch-jersey.jpgGENDER REVEAL - Josh and Tash are having a baby and they don't know what they are having.  What better way to find out than sharing this magical moment with 2,000+ of your closest friends?  At the end of the game, they have something fun planned for their gender reveal and you can be part of it.  You have to buy either blue or pink raffle tickets and a winner for each colour will be chosen to come on the ice with the winner being revealed at the same time as they find out!  Confused?  Just buy a bunch of pink and blue tickets and hope for the best.   The winner also gets a signed Batch Testimonial jersey and gets to pick the middle name of their unborn child.**

batch-gender-reveal.jpg** The winner doesn't actually get to pick the kid's Middle name, but thanks for reading this far.  

CHUCK A PUCK - We've got Chuck a Puck as usual, with the winner getting a £100 voucher to spend on merchandise, either on Batch Testimonial Merchandise or on Devils Merchandise on the night or online.  We will also have 4 signed sticks to win for the runners up, so 5 winners in all.


BATCHES OF MERCHANDISE - From souvenir pucks to game day t-shirts, there is still plenty of cool merchandise to get your hands on to remember the night.  Hit the upstairs merchandise stand to check out everything still available.  

POSTGAME AUCTION & CELEBRATIONS - Join us in the main bar after the game when we will be auctioning off all the game worn jerseys from the Testimonial game.  We also will make sure the players are up in the bar right after the game to mingle with the fans, so stick around to see all your favourite current and former Devils and share a drink and some stories.  


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