Friday 12 April

Car Parking update for Saturday

Important information for parking this weekend

Saturday will be very busy throughout the International Sports Village with a swimming gala at the International Pool, a busy day at Vindico Arena and Fun HQ and a packed schedule at the White Water Rafting Centre.

Cardiff Council will have the former Toys R Us carpark open all day from 7:00am for the swimming gala and for the Devils game on Saturday night.  The Council have also confirmed that if required, the overflow area located behind Toys R Us (previously used for parking for the vaccination centre) will be opened up.  The entrance to this is located across from Bayscape apartments just down from the White Water Rafting Centre.

We have been informed this week by the Council that the pool has their carpark as part of their lease, so they have the right to close it off to other customers as and when they wish.  This information is different to what we have previously been told so we apologise for misinforming Devils fans about this at our recent fan forum.  Basically, don’t expect to be able to park in the pool carpark on Saturday, they will be monitoring it and making sure only pool customers use it. It is not the staff’s fault; they are allowed to do it. 

The arena’s carpark right now is designated to be used by all customers of the International Sports Village, not just the Arena customers.  We understand this does not really make sense, but this is the recent information we have been given, so the Arena/Devils cannot just put staff on there to stop pool customers parking there.  As we know, the Arena carpark fills up quickly on a Saturday without a swimming gala, so it will be especially busy tomorrow.

We encourage you to avail of the Morrisons carpark on Saturday during the day in particular if you are coming to the Arena or Fun HQ. The first 3 hours is free and you can pay to park for longer - CLICK HERE.  

For the game on Saturday night, the majority of pool customers will be cleared out by 5pm, but some will still be using the Toys R Us carpark, but as previously mentioned, if required the Council will open up the overflow parking area.  You can still use Morrisons tomorrow night for the game.  

If you want to avoid the hassle, you can get a lift from VEEZU, our official ride partner or call them on 02920 333 333.  


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