The Devils are happy for you to take photos at our home games as long as you read and adhere to the information below

We have 3 official photographers and we use their photos for our programme, website and any promotions on websites, press, social media or in print.  We are not looking to add to our official photographers at this time.

However, you can take photos at Devils games as long as you purchase a ticket and take the photos from your seat in the arena.  You are not able to roam around the arena or move down to the ice level to take photos during the game.

During warmup, you are able to take photos from ice level, but once the game starts, you must remain in your seats to take photos. 


It is distracting and dangerous for the players and officials on the ice.  So make sure the flash is always turned off. 

Any photos taken at Devils games are not allowed to be re-sold or produced for anything other than your personal portfolio.  They cannot be used for print or websites but can be posted to your social media accounts. We always enjoy getting photos from fans sent to us and we may choose to use them for our own social media accounts, so if you are willing to pass on your photos, please email them to [email protected] or DM us on twitter or facebook.