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Title Sponsor: Peacocks

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Update from Devils Fan Council

Update from Devils Fan Council

Here is a general update from the Fan Council after meeting with the Devils Management:

Firstly, thank you to the 220+ who were kind enough to fill in the Fan Council Survey September 2017. The results have been collated and passed on to the Cardiff Devils Management team.

The Fan Council met with the Cardiff Devils Management team on 17th October and are pleased to feedback on a number of items raised through the Fan Council survey, via the Fan Council email or in person:

* Additional car parking: feedback has been positive and fans are encouraged to use the 200 spaces at Wilcox House - CLICK HERE

* Birthday announcements: website has been updated to explain how to request birthday announcements (or any announcement) as well as outline the cost of getting a picture on screen - CLICK HERE 

* Request for Double Header away weekends in Scotland was noted

* Accessibility page: website to be created on how wheelchair spots can be purchased and carer rate

* IAW prices differ for hot drinks between café (£1.50) vs block 12 (£1.60): feedback given to Food and Beverage Manager 

* Team introduction onto ice: loads of complaints about the smoke coming out of the tunnel, so smoke no longer used on match night intro.

* Merchandise: Devils to investigate potential new product range to enhance merchandise

Other issues discussed will be updated following the next Fan Council meeting to be held on 21st November at IAW.  These include:

* Access to Wifi

* IAW entry for Q&A sessions

* Match Night Volunteer applications and selection criteria

* Seating near the Drummers to be highlighted on webpage

If you have any issues to bring to our attention, please visit us at:

1.       Fan Council desk in the Bar area

2.       Email: [email protected]

3.       Find your favourite Fan Council member at the next home game



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