Todd Kelman’s Twitter Takeover: The Key Take-Aways

Todd Kelman’s Twitter Takeover: The Key Take-Aways


Last week we announced that Cardiff Devils Captain Joey Martin was taking a year-out to play in Norway. That same day our Managing Director Todd Kelman took over Twitter to answer all your burning questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the EIHL season ahead so far. 

Will there be a season? 

Like most sports teams, we are at the mercy of the UK and Welsh governments. We’re trying our hardest to bring you some sort of hockey this season – providing it’s safe and feasible to do so. 

If it’s not safe, legal and viable to bring you hockey by December 2020, then rest assured that we have a contingency plan for February 2021. We also have a contingency plan for the contingency plan. But, if all else fails, we will focus on coming back strong for the 2021-22 season.

Either way, our top priority is to keep the organisation strong, and our staff, players and fans safe. 

What is the EIHL doing about the 2020-21 season? 

The entire EIHL board have been working closely together since March. All 10 teams have been having weekly Zoom calls to discuss the weekly progress and developments for the 2020-21 season. 

The board are also having regular conversations with each city’s local MPs. Although there’s a huge amount of support for our return-to-play plans, we are still at the mercy of Government policy on indoor events with crowds.

As of right now, the vital date for reaching a decision on the 2020-21 season is September 15th. 

Can you play in a bubble? 

No. Unlike the NHL, playing in a bubble doesn’t work for EIHL. We rely heavily on match night ticket sales that we couldn’t even play with 200 or 500 spectators unless we had massive financial support from the government. So, when we say that your match night support means everything, it really does. 

Will the Cardiff Devils be ok? 

Yes. Both the Cardiff Devils and the league will be fine. 

If the 2020-21 season can’t go ahead safely, viably, and as planned, you can be sure that your Cardiff Devils will come back stronger than ever for 2021-22. 

Why did you choose to let players look for other opportunities? 

The Devils ownership and management recently made the decision to allow all players to explore options outside of the Elite League. 

We felt that while our league remains at the mercy of Government policy relating to indoor events with crowds – it was only fair to allow players to explore guaranteed opportunities to play for the 2020-21 season. 

We’re committed to putting player wellbeing first – and want to make sure each one has the opportunity to play. Every player was contacted by Managing Director Todd Kelman and was given full support to sign in leagues that have confirmed they are going ahead. 

We’re not treating any time-out as a departure, but as a temporary year-out to stay active, keep skating, and come back stronger. 

What about season tickets? 

If you’re a Cardiff Devils season ticket holder then you can rest assured that your money is safe. 

We also want to give you every possible option going forward to help you make the right decision. 

  • If the 2020-21 season is cancelled, you'll be able to pause your current direct debit and simply roll over your balance to the new 2021-22 season. You’ll be able to reap the same benefits, keep your same seat, and get access to exclusive season ticket holder merchandise, offers and events (watch this space for these - they’ll be coming your way soon). 
  • You can also keep paying your direct debits until March 2021. This way you'll be able to enjoy the 2021-22 season knowing your balance is all paid for in advance so all that’s left for you to do is bask in the benefits, patiently wait for hockey season and rest assured your lucky seat is waiting for you.
  • If the 2020-21 season is cancelled – that is, when an official announcement or decision has been made by us and the EIHL – you will be entitled to a full refund of the money you have paid to date with no cancellation fees. 
  • You can also cancel your season ticket now, but this means you'll be charged a cancellation fee of £15, plus a further £25 if you're paying by direct debit.


What can you expect in the coming months? 

Aside from patiently waiting for the return of your Cardiff Devils, you should keep your eyes peeled for more classic games, more interactive digital opportunities, a whole new line of Devils merch, and the first look at the 2020-21 jerseys. Yes, that’s right, season or not, these jerseys will go down in history, and they may be the best-looking jerseys we’ve ever seen. (Yes, we’re bias). 

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