Lord's tribute to Jake Morissette

Lord's tribute to Jake Morissette

I have been so lucky as a coach to have Mo alongside me all this time.  He is one of the best teammates I’ve ever played with and one of the best people I know. 

He was an old school hockey player who treated the game with honour and loved the Devils.  He never wanted the glory or the praise publicly.  Nowadays many players are loved for how they interact on the internet. Mo was never on social media, and was never involved in the gossip around the league.  He was just a total pro who gave everything he had to his teammates and the club. He did so much for the guys that was never talked about or known, he was just there for them and he was always in the running for player’s player every year.  The same goes for the community, where he was always doing events or making a kid’s day by giving them a high five, a smile or throwing a puck over the net after warm-up.  

Mo was such a dependable and reliable player for us. A great penalty killer but also so good defensively 5 on 5.  He was always out in the final minute of a game and I will never forget his empty net goal to clinch our first Playoff Title in 19 years against Sheffield. Time flies and his role changed last year, but Mo was such an offensive force for us the first 3 or 4 seasons here in Cardiff.  He always played fast, simple and to the game plan which made him so easy to play on a line with as he was always doing the right things.  

Mo was one of the lowest maintenance players I’ve ever had, he never complained about anything and was always team first.  The number of injuries he played through after blocking shots without anyone even knowing was incredible.  The guy would go through a wall for his teammates and he always played the right way.  His work rate day in and day out at practice and in games was second to none.  All he wanted to do was win, and he did a lot of that as a Devil.  

I have known Mo since 2004 and this ends an incredible time we have had together being in hockey.  He was a huge part in turning around this club the past five years and his success as our captain speaks for itself.  We will miss him greatly.

Thank you Mo.

- Andrew Lord 


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