Six Quick facts about new coach Jarrod Skalde

Six Quick facts about new coach Jarrod Skalde

We've got 6 fun facts about our new Head Coach:

FACT 1 - His nickname is Juice. His Dad (Juice Sr.) also has the same nickname. 


FACT 2 - He’s got a son named Skate. Apt, hey? Skate is playing junior hockey this season in Ontario.


FACT 3 - He’s played a total of 115 games in the NHL – including one game for the Calgary Flames – which is enough to earn him instant ‘family’ status with our Calgary-based owners. 


FACT 4 - Former Devils Andrew Hotham and Carl Hudson played under Skalde during the 2010-11 season while he was Head Coach at the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL.


FACT 5 - They’re not the only former Devils Skalde has coached. Former Devil and current Manchester Storm Head Coach Ryan Finnerty played 15 games under Skalde at the Bloomington PrairieThunder during the 2009-10 season. Finnerty left midway through that same season to join the Cardiff Devils. 


FACT 6 - Skalde was named 2012-13 ECHL Coach of the Year when he was Head Coach of the Cincinnati Cyclones – a current affiliate of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres and the AHL’s Rochester Americans.


Want to find out more about Jarrod Skalde? Watch his first interviews as the Cardiff Devils Head Coach here: 

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