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Devils v Fife Flyers Wed 21 Nov 2018 / 7:30pm
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Devils v MK Lightning Sun 25 Nov 2018 / 6:00pm
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Title Sponsor: Peacocks
Title Sponsor: Peacocks

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The Devils are pleased to confirm that there is plenty of additional parking available starting this weekend for all home games.

We can now confirm that the Toys R Us carpark will be available on match nights for Devils fans. The carpark will be manned with security and will open 2 hours prior to faceoff and will close around 2 hours after the match. The cost to park here will be £3 for the night. There are nearly 300 spaces in this carpark.

Below: Toys R Us carpark across from the Arena


Wilcox House will continue to offer parking as well, but there will be a cost of £2 to park here for the night, where it was previously free of charge. 

The charges are to cover our cost of rental, additional staff and security at both carparks.  The Devils are not making any profit from the parking charges now in place. 

Below: Wilcox House carpark is located across from the Harvester in Cardiff Bay


There is still free parking available in the main Ice Arena carpark and the International Pool overflow carpark.  

Please be aware that Cardiff Council have given us access to the Toys R Us carpark to eliminate any illegal parking around the Arena or pool and in particular to eliminate parking in or around the Cardiff Pointe housing development.  

Traffic enforcement officers will be out in force on match night, so we strongly recommend using the car parking options mentioned above rather than parking illegally on grass or sidewalks or in the overflow/visitor carpark for Cardiff Pointe.

Below: In and around Cardiff Pointe is not an option for parking on game night


“I know any parking charges will be seen as a negative to our fans,” explained Devils’ MD Todd Kelman, “but I think this is a great option for game nights and I am very grateful to Cardiff Council for making the Toys R Us carpark available for match nights.”

“Paying £2 or £3 for safe, secure parking makes perfect sense and the cost is minimal compared to walking out to a parking ticket after a game.”

Please note – The Cardiff Council will continue to allow the use of these carparks as long as the carparks are kept clean and not littered with trash after games.  We would ask all fans to be respectful of this request and to ensure that any trash is deposited in bins rather than left in the carpark.

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