RECAP - Ownership Q & A with Fans

RECAP - Ownership Q & A with Fans

Devils ownership were on stage prior to faceoff on Saturday Night answering questions from the fans.

Three of the four owners were in town, along with 20 of their friends and family for Saturday's home game against the Guildford Flames.

Donning their red Devils shirts and caps, they joined the pre-game chat to loud cheers from the fanbase who packed out the bar to hear from Brian Parker, Steve King and Craig Shostak.


They answered questions from the floor about why they got involved, if they still were as committed to owning the Devils long-term (the answer was "more committed than ever") and even who their favourite players were.  

They spoke about the CHL experience, travelling to Vaxjo to see their team play, the quality of the league, the standard of players coming over and almost everything they were asked about.  

All in all, another enjoyable pre-game event and as always an honest and engaging response from the Devils ownership. 

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