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Matthew Myers Comes Home To The Devils

Matthew Myers Comes Home To The Devils

Cardiff born and raised Matthew Myers is a Devil once again.

After leaving the Devils last summer to play for the Nottingham Panthers, Myers returns to the team he started his professional career with.  Last season with Nottingham, Myers won the Challenge Cup and the Playoff Championship.  He has now won the Challenge Cup 8 times, the playoffs 5 times and the EIHL League title once in his impressive 12 seasons in the EIHL. 

Last season in 63 games, Myers scored 15 goals and added 20 assists for the Panthers.  In his previous season in Cardiff he scored 18 times and added 17 assists in 46 games.  The 6’2” 205 lbs centreman is considered one of the best face-off specialists in the league.  He goes hard to the net and scores big goals, but is defensively sound and often is matched up against the opposing team’s top line. 


“We are pleased to get Matthew back in Cardiff for the foreseeable future,” said Devils Managing Director Todd Kelman “his style of play is something we missed last season.  He is a workhorse and a real battler.  We know what we are going to get from him every night and I am glad he is a Devil once again.

“He is a great face-off guy, one of the best I have seen.  For those that know the game well, this is a huge plus for any team because it leads to so much possession.  He is also a great penalty killer and he is a handful for any defender in front of the opposing net.

“We love his style of play and expect him to bring the same intensity every night to the Devils lineup."

Kelman also spoke about the way Myers’ former club the Nottingham Panthers handled his request to leave.

“The Panthers handled this in the best way possible.  They treated him as a person rather than a commodity and they allowed Matthew to depart on good terms and move back home.

“I spoke to the Panthers ownership and management before speaking to Myers to ensure we were allowed to do a deal with him. We have come to an agreement with the Panthers that both clubs are happy with.

“They could have been difficult with this, but they were understanding.  You don’t always get that in professional sports but I wanted to thank them publicly for handling things the way they did.”

Catch the Interview with Matthew Myers courtesy of Icetime.TV - just click on the image below:


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