Luke Piggott's Thank You Message

Luke Piggott's Thank You Message

This is the message from Luke Piggott on the day he departs the Cardiff Devils:

"The Cardiff Devils have been a huge part of my life for a decade now and it is tough to put into words how much this organisation means to me.

I have had the pleasure of playing with unbelievable people and making some really good friends over the years. I knew this day would come eventually but an opportunity outside of hockey to significantly progress my science career has come up that I have to pursue.


I am moving to Lausanne in Switzerland to work as a Senior Scientist developing new oncology agents through clinical trials. This opportunity allows me to have the significant impact on cancer patients’ lives and was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I can’t thank the fans enough and the organisation as a whole, for everything they have given me over the years, from Franny and G for giving me my first shot at Elite League Hockey, to Steve, Brian, Kelly and Craig for transforming the organisation to what it is today.


To the office staff and stats team – thank you for all of your help, and I swear all the times I was super demanding it was just as an extension of Lordo and for the benefit of the team! In particular, I can’t thank Todd and Lordo enough for allowing me to be a part of turning this organisation into the success it has been over the last 6 years and for their support both professionally and personally throughout.


Thanks to the fans who have always supported the team and made it such a thrilling environment to play in week in, and week out. Finally – thanks to my teammates over the years, my brothers and lifelong friends, there is something special about being part of a hockey team, and the Devils in particular, that brings you together as a family.


Collectively, we have all made some incredible memories together that I will hold dear for the rest of my life and I am absolutely heartbroken to have to leave my hockey family behind, I will miss you all desperately and the life that surrounds this beautiful game.

I can’t wait to return as a fan to see how the team progresses and to enjoy the success from the other side of the plexi – and hopefully joining you on some CHL trips in Europe as a fan!"

Piggsie #21

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