Join the Devils as we virtually Air the Bear all this week

Join the Devils as we virtually Air the Bear all this week

Saturday night, the teddy bears will be flying (virtually) when the Devils score their first goal.

The opponents will be the Glasgow Clan and this year instead of buying a stuffed toy to donate, we are hoping you donate to our GO FUND ME PAGE to support the same charities we have supported over the last number of years. 


But you don't need to wait until Saturday to throw your toys - you can do it all this week! All we ask is you make a small donation if you can, and also send us a video of you doing your best Air the Bear...

So grab your teddy and throw it, fling it, slam dunk it, whatever you want – get creative!  Post the video to the Devils social media channels and we will share as many as we can. 


100% of money donated will be divided equally between the 4 charities we have supported for the past 6 seasons - Ty Hafan, Noah's Ark Children's Hospital, The Wallich and Cardiff Women's Aid. 

Our goal is to raise £3,103 – that’s £1 for every seat we have at Ice Arena Wales (yup we added 3 seats last season).  And if you forget to donate this week, you can do it when the Devils score their first goal on Saturday night in this week's classic game v Glasgow Clan from December 2019.

And if you need a reminder of how much fun it is, and the impact it has, just watch the video below...

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