Devils to represent EIHL in Champions Hockey League

Devils to represent EIHL in Champions Hockey League

The Cardiff Devils will represent the UK Elite League in the 2020/21 competition.

The Devils were put forward to the Champions Hockey League based on the overall standings when the EIHL was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We received the invite yesterday and we are honoured to be competing in the Champions League again,” said Devils Managing Director Todd Kelman.

“It was a strange situation with the league not being completed, but like they did with other leagues across Europe, the CHL offered the spot to the team in first place when the season was stopped.


“The other teams in the league were supportive in the decision to allow a team in the EIHL to participate in the CHL, which is very sporting of them and I thank my colleagues across the EIHL for this.”

“I want to congratulate Coach Andrew Lord and all the players for their hard work and determination throughout another incredibly competitive EIHL season.”

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