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Title Sponsor: Peacocks
Title Sponsor: Peacocks

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Open Training, Meet the Team & Jersey Raffle Wednesday

Open Training, Meet the Team & Jersey Raffle Wednesday

Get your first look at the 2018-19 Cardiff Devils on Wednesday August 8that Ice Arena Wales. 

Head Coach Andrew Lord will be putting the team through their paces with the squad hitting the ice at 6:30pm.  After about an hour on the ice, join the guys upstairs in the main bar for player introductions and a brief chat with the new faces to the Devils this season.

Meet Stephen Dixon and the other new faces on the 8th


We will also be holding our annual GAME WORN JERSEY FAN SPONSORSHIP RAFFLE. So, what is this exactly?

Well, you could win the right to pre-pay for one of the players’ game worn jerseys.  The way it works is simple, you put your name into the draw for your favourite player(s) jersey and the first name drawn out gets their choice of the red, white or black game worn jersey of that player.

Jersey Sponsorship Raffle for Red, White & Black jerseys


The jerseys are £200 each and you can enter the draw for as many players as you want but you can only put your name in once for each player.  So to be clear - for example, you can’t put 20 ballots all in the box for Ben Bowns hoping to increase your chances of winning, but you can put 1 ballot in each box for each player.  If your name gets drawn out for a player that you no longer want to buy their jersey for whatever reason, that is fine, you can pass on the jersey.

DOORS OPEN: 5:30pm



PLAYER INTROS: 8:00pm (approx.)

Main picture for story is of last season's open training session

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