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Devils Extend Coach Andrew Lord’s Contract for 2 More Seasons

Devils Extend Coach Andrew Lord’s Contract for 2 More Seasons

Andrew Lord will continue to lead the Devils through the 2018-19 season.

The Devils head coach has signed an extension for another 2 seasons after this one, which means that the Vancouver native will be in charge for at least the next three years.

Devils Managing Director Todd Kelman made the announcement to the team earlier today and was met with a great reception. 

“I told the guys before training this morning and there was a lot of cheers and clapping. You don’t usually get that kind of reaction, but they all seem as pumped as I am to have completed this deal.

“I spoke to the owners a couple of weeks ago about offering Lordo this extension and we decided that it was better to get it done early so he knew that we are behind him and so he can focus on the season instead of worrying about his own future.

“We did the whole thing in about 10 minutes, we both wanted to get it done and he is happy with the deal.”   

Catch Kelman’s full interview with Icetime TV here, including his thoughts on Brian McGrattan and Patrick Bordeleau coming to the league, the GB game in Cardiff and the future of Zorb football.


Andrew Lord spoke about his contract extension with Icetime TV ahead of the weekend. 

Photo Credit: Richard Murray

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