Devils All-Time Team - The first decade...

Devils All-Time Team - The first decade...

Over the next 4 weeks, we are announcing the All-time Devils team, starting with the selections from the first decade - 1986 to 1996.

Nearly 2,000 of you sent us your picks and we have collated them into 4 eras to make up the all-time team.

Netminder: Jeff Smith - Most remembered for THAT save from Tony Hand in the 1990 play-off final (24th shot of the penalty shootout) that won the Devils the Play-off title to go alongside the League trophy in our first season in the top league. A key player across 5 season that saw the Devils win promotion to the top flight and pick up 6 major trophies.


Defence: Shannon Hope - A total of 11 seasons with the Devils winning 11 major trophies sees the famous #35 shirt hang in the rafters. Shannon brought success and entertainment on and off the ice and helped to establish the Devils within the local community and the wider British ice hockey scene.


Defence: Stephen Cooper - Arguably the most valuable British player of his era. Peerless as the top British defenceman, with a deadly combination of a booming shoot and trademark hip-check. Wherever Stephen and brother Ian went, trophies followed. 6 seasons and 10 major trophies.


Forward: Steve Moria - Often described as the classiest player to lace up for the Devils and it’s hard to disagree with that. A remarkable professional career spanning over an incredible 27 seasons. 10 seasons with the Devils across the Heineken and Superleague eras, often leading the team in scoring, winning 7 major trophies sees Mo’s #19 shirt retired.


Forward: Doug McEwen - One of the most skilful players ever to play for the Devils which earned him the nicknamed ‘God’ from the Devils fans. McEwen spent 10 full seasons with the Devils, picking up 9 major trophies and his #7 shirt retired.


Forward: Ian Cooper - The other half of the ‘Cooper-brothers’, whose success in this era was unparalleled. Ian was the perfect compliment to his line mates, a smart player with unrivalled graft and willingness to take punishment in front of the net which opened up the ice for others. Ian spent 8 seasons with the Devils, winning 11 major trophies.


Player/Coach: John Lawless - The man who started it all. Lawless’ demand for success laid the foundation for the successful Club that we have today. A player, manager and coach across 9 seasons with the Devils which yielded 12 major trophies. The legend of all Devils legends, his retired iconic #9 proudly hangs high for all to see.


So there you have it, the all-time team selections made by you the fans, from the first decade of ice hockey in Cardiff, which were some of the most successful years for the Devils.

Next week: The All-time Team selections from the Superleague era.  

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