Moore moves to Fife for remainder of the season

Moore moves to Fife for remainder of the season

The Cardiff Devils and Fife Flyers have agreed to a deal that will see Craig Moore playing for Fife for the remainder of the 2018-19 season.

Moore has been with the Devils for 2 seasons but has had limited ice time with the Devils so far this year. He has scored 2 goals and added 3 assists in 31 games so far for the Devils. Last year, Moore suffered a season-ending injury that limited him to just 17 games with the Devils.

“We have been speaking to Craig over the last few weeks and we feel that for him to develop more as a player, he needs more ice time, which he isn’t getting right now with us,” explained Todd Kelman.

“We spoke to a few teams that we felt would be a good fit for him and we think that Fife is an ideal situation for him right now. He is going to a great organisation where he will get more ice time and get to play in his hometown.

“We know that Todd Dutiaume and Jeff Hutchins are going to be able to use him more than we can right now and between ourselves, the Flyers and Craig, we agreed that this is the right fit for him.”

Craig Moore spoke about his time in Cardiff:

“I want to thank the Devils for giving me the opportunity to play in Cardiff and to be a part of this organisation for the past 2 seasons.

“Winning the league and the playoffs last year were amazing experiences, but obviously being injured made it a tough season for me personally.

“The Devils have looked after me very well and Lordo has put in a lot of time with me. I love the city, the organisation and the fans and I am leaving on good terms.

“I just feel that if I want to continue to improve, I need to get more playing time, and right now, there isn’t that opportunity with the Devils.”

“I am excited about getting this chance to move to the Flyers and see if I can help them out. They are my hometown team, so it is very special to get to play for the team I grew up watching.

“I am looking forward to getting back to Scotland and getting on the ice with my new teammates this week."

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