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The BBT at the BBT!

The BBT at the BBT!

It’s Official Devils fans…  We miss you. 

In fact we miss you so much that we spent the day coming up with some crazy (and luckily some not so crazy) ideas for a fun event so we can all get together this off-season and catch up, talk hockey, speculate, evaluate and exasperate one another over signings, rumours, departures and everything else that keeps us busy until the puck drops in late August.

The Big Idea

Let’s give him credit where credit is due, Andrew Lord suggested we invite all the fans to an event where he heats up the grill, puts on a chef’s hat and an apron and cooks burgers for everyone.  This idea was classed as crazy especially when we explained a few hundred people, not just a few dozen people might show up– so we took the good elements out of his ridiculous idea and came up with this.

The 1st Annual BBT at the BBT

Or to be more clear,  Beers, BBQ & Tickets at the Big Blue Tent. 

By Beers, we mean there will be beer, or wine or soft drinks or water all available from the bar – but we only had the one ‘B’ to work with to encompass all of that. Now that we think about it, we could have said Beverages, but Beer sounds more fun.

By BBQ we mean a great spread of food that our friends at Spiros are helping us put on, but again we called it BBQ to work in that clever second ‘B’…

By Tickets we mean COME ONE FOLKS - MAY 31st IS THE DEADLINE for Season Ticket Holders TO RENEW YOUR CURRENT SEAT.  So we will be there taking your applications and helping new season ticket holders with any questions they may have about their seats.  We have already passed our total season ticket holder count from last season yet there are still 150+ season ticket holders that have not renewed yet. Seriously, what are you thinking?  HURRY UP!!

The Weather

We have checked the weather report and it says it will be mostly sunny on the 31st of May, and luckily for all of us, the weather reports in Wales have never been wrong.  Still if worst comes to worst and we do see rain, we can pack into the BBT to finish the party. 

So to RECAP:

The BBT at the BBT

When: Sunday May 31st

Start Time: 4:30pm

Who:  Everyone is Welcome, no age restrictions

Where: At the BBT (Cardiff Ice Arena)

Why: Because we are bored out of our minds without an event to plan

What Else Will Be Happening:

Equipment Sale ­ - We will be selling off loads of equipment from last season including game used helmets, gloves, sticks, as well as some brand new sticks that were never used by the players (these are pro grade sticks).  We will also have some very cool framed memorabilia up for grabs.  This sale will be going on all day starting at 12noon and will take place at the BBT.

Player Signings – We will be announcing players exclusively on the night, no story online, no update on twitter in advance, no announcement in the press before hand, these are exclusive to this event. 

Q & A with Management – Todd Kelman & Neil Francis will be fielding your questions on everything from last season’s success to building for the 2015-16 season. 

Fabulous Prizes (and we mean FABULOUS!!) – On the night, you could walk  away with an awesome prize including a VIP weekend at the Playoff Finals in Nottingham in April 2016, your Season Ticket for FREE, the first Devils jersey off the press for 2015-16 and much, much, more - but here’s the rub, you can’t win without being a season ticket holder.  You can still come to the event, but only Devils Season Ticket Holders will be in with a chance to win prizes on the night.

Cost: There is no cost to come to the event, but if you want to get your feed on, and enjoy some of Spiros finest eats - you can pay on the day in cash (price to be confirmed).  Planet Ice will have the bar open for business from 4:30pm. 

We hope to see you all there, and if you have any further questions, just re-read the above article, because we really didn’t leave too much out.  Or just show up on the 31st and ask us then. Or email [email protected]

Photo Credit: Helen Brabon

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