All time Devils Jersey Raffle - 4 more forwards

All time Devils Jersey Raffle - 4 more forwards

Week 4 of the All Time Devils Team jersey raffles and we have our second set of forwards.

This week you could win the jersey of Devils legends Doug McEwen, Ivan Matulik, Max Birbraer or Jake Morissette.


We have ordered 3 sets of each jersey and that is all that will be produced.  We will raffle a full set, auction a full set, and send each player selected one of their own jerseys to commemorate their selection. 

CLICK HERE TO BUY RAFFLE TICKETS - Raffle ends Sunday 13th June at 9:00pm


These jerseys are absolute beauties.  Front logo, all-time team crest, names and numbers are all stitched on.  The jersey is a heavier material (the same as the jerseys sold this past season) with the thicker material on the shoulders.   

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