2014/15 Roster

* Please Note that new signings may not be playing in the numbers shown below.  Playing Numbers subject to change.

No. Name Home Town DOB Height Weight
3Mike WillBrighton, England23-08-19876'4"190 lbs
33Ben BownsSheffield, UK21-01-19916'0"179 lbs
8Matthew MyersCardiff, Wales06-11-19846'2"205 lbs
16Chris JonesCardiff, Wales04-01-19915'11"172 lbs
18Brent WaltonOntario, Canada09-11-19835'9"185 lbs
21Luke PiggottCalgary, Canada03-04-19865'11"181 lbs
27Joey HaddadSydney, Canada12-10-19886'2"190 lbs
47Jake MorissetteBC, Canada06-03-19835'9"187 lbs
57Chris CulliganSydney, Canada23-06-19886'0"192 lbs
71Andrew LordBC, Canada22-02-19856'3"205 lbs
80Jesse MychanSK, Canada07-02-19926'2"185 lbs
88Joey MartinOntario, Canada29-07-19885'10"172 lbs
93Doug ClarksonOntario, Canada21-11-19886'5"231 lbs
2Carl HudsonOntario, Canada01-02-19866'1"212 lbs
17Mark RichardsonSwindon, England03-10-19866'0"190 lbs
22Tyson MarshQuesnel, Canada20-06-19846'1"214 lbs
24Andrew Hotham29-08-19866'2"187 lbs
41Josh BatchEssex, England15-01-19916'4"220 lbs
74Trevor HendrikxOntario, Canada29-03-19856'2"220 lbs
Name Title Home Town Years With Devils
Andrew LordPlayer Coach
Neil FrancisBench Coach
Mark ThompsonEquipment Manager
Name Title Home Town Years With Devils
Todd KelmanGeneral Manager
Neil FrancisDirector of Hockey
Kris AglandCommunications Director
Francine HarrisBusiness Development Manager
Jamie ElsonOffice Manager