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Newcomers Impress in Open Training

Newcomers Impress in Open Training

Devils fans got a first glimpse at their team on Thursday as Ice Arena Wales opened the doors for an open training session.

The team took to the ice in their new red jerseys before changing into two teams to faceoff against each other in 5 competitions.

Below:  Joey Martin in the new red kit for 2017/18


The two sides played 4 on 4, then 3 on 3, then a couple close quarter battle drills before deciding the winners with a shootout.

Newcomers Matt Pope, Bryce Reddick, Drew Paris, Paul Crowder, Justin Faryna and Craig Moore all looked good and the hometown crowd were buzzing after the on-ice session when the team joined them in the bar for the jersey raffle.

Below: Newcomer Bryce Reddick takes a shot on goal


The Junior Devils were also very pleased, getting nearly £700 in donations upon entry into the open training session.


Thank you to everyone who donated to the Junior Devils upon entry into the event and also to everyone who sponsored a jersey on the night.  All 3 jerseys for every player were snapped up. 

The Devils take on Nottingham in pre-season action on Sunday at 6pm -


Photo Credit: Helen Brabon

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