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Everything You Need to Know about Sunday's Game

Everything You Need to Know about Sunday's Game

The game is nearly sold out, and there is plenty going on Sunday when the Devils host the Fife Flyers.

TICKETS (OR LACK THERE OF) - Annoyingly (for us) we are nearly out of tickets.  There are about 5 single seats left so if you still want one, call us today on 0800 0842 666. If you are a season ticket holder who can't attend, we will buy back your ticket for £5 and sell it on, so get in touch with us via email to [email protected]


AWARDS NIGHT - We are taking bookings for the Devils Awards Dinner, which takes place on Monday March 27th.  You can make your booking at the CDRA Sales Desk at the bottom of BLOCK 4 on Sunday.  For the full story on the Awards Dinner CLICK HERE.


EGG-CITING NEWS– For the next 4 home games, we are proud to be part of Llamau’s Easter Egg Appeal supporting homeless young people and vulnerable women in Wales. We are looking for fans to donate Easter Eggs to support this great charity. If you can donate, please bring your Easter Eggs to the sales desk in front of Block 4.


LAST TIME FIFE WERE IN TOWN – It’s been a while since we faced off against the Flyers, actually it was Sept 18th when they were in town last, so re-live the action from that game courtesy of Icetime TV.

DASH FOR CASH – Actually you won’t have to if you hit a bank machine before the game.  You will need cash to buy drinks and food at Ice Arena Wales (and raffle tickets - buy LOADS of them) and there is no cashpoint at the Arena. 


SEASON TICKET SUBMISSIONS – If you are getting a season ticket and want to pay monthly over 12 months starting on April 1st, then Sunday is the final day to submit your application form to us in order to get it set up and processed for the April 1st payment.  After that, you can still pay monthly, you just need to pay a month in advance then join the monthly payment setup for the 1st of the next month. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON SEASON TICKETS

BLACK JERSEY COLLECTION – For those of you who sponsored a player’s black game worn jersey at the start of the season, you can pick it up on Sunday from the Red Army Travel desk at the top of Block 3. 


POST GAME JERSEY AUCTION – We are auctioning off the full set of white jerseys after the game in the main bar. These are the ones worn in the Challenge Cup Final.  We accept cash and card payments, no cheques. There are other ways to get your hands on the remaining sets of red jerseys as well.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY


GET RICH QUICK – Once again, we are guaranteeing a prize of at least £1,000 cash for one lucky fan to win.  The more raffle tickets you buy, the bigger the prize will get.  Tickets are available from roaming sellers (look for the bright green shirts) and from the game night sales stands set up throughout the Arena.


WHAT THE PUCK - You could win a Playstation 4 Game Console and 1 game (Call of Duty) just by chucking a foam puck onto the ice in our Chuck a Puck contest.  Pucks are £1 each and are available from the game night sales stands throughout the Arena. The pucks are chucked during the 2nd intermission. 


SWEATY, SMELLY JERSEY RAFFLE – OK we actually call it the Shirt Off His Back Raffle (we sell more tickets that way) and this week a lucky fan is going to take home Andrew Lord’s game worn jersey.  You can buy your raffle tickets from the roaming sellers or from the game night sales desks located throughout the Arena. And we aren't wearing the green jerseys, we are wearing red... We just really liked the picture.


That's about everything we can think of so get your game face on, your jersey ironed and be ready to make it loud on Sunday when the guys hit the ice.  If you can't make the game, you probably didn't read this far, but if you did you can still watch it live courtesy of ICETIME TV.


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