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Annual Devils Summit Concludes

Annual Devils Summit Concludes

This weekend, the Devils owners met with Andrew Lord and Todd Kelman for their annual Devils Summit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Champions Hockey League, game night promotions, ticket sales, and much much more were on the agenda but it was the player signings that had the fans most interested in tuning in to the Facebook Live announcement on Saturday.

Owners Kelly Hughes, Craig Shostak, Brian Parker and Steve King made player announcements live from the Summit confirming the return of Jake Morissette, Josh Batch and Tom Murdy. Then everyone sat down for a few hours of hockey talk and business operations planning.  


When the meeting was finished, they were joined by Layne Ulmer and his family, Justin Faryna and his wife and Todd Kelman's sister and her husband for a BBQ and a few drinks. Brian and Sharon Parker hosted this year's summit at their home in Springbank, just outside of Calgary and Sharon kept twitter updated on how things were going.


 The weekend concludes this morning (Sunday) with a pancake breakfast at Steve King's home before Todd Kelman and Andrew Lord fly out late Sunday Night.


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