Cardiff Devils Club Acts Following Altercations After Sunday’s Game

Cardiff Devils Club Acts Following Altercations After Sunday’s Game

Posted on 29 October 2012

Following the incidents, which occurred after the Challenge Cup match on Sunday evening, the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club can confirm that the supporter involved in the confrontation with a Coventry Blaze player has been banned from all Cardiff Devils games for the remainder of this season.

After a heated match, the rivalry between the two teams continued after the post-match handshakes and saw members of both teams continue to confront each other.

Penalties awarded during the match fuelled the heated exchanges between the teams. That said, the club will accept any action deemed appropriate by the Elite League.

In a separate incident, a Cardiff Devils supporter approached Coventry Blaze player, Ben Olson, and confronted him, resulting in an exchange. South Wales Police were called to the scene, and have confirmed that after speaking to several independent witnesses and reviewing footage of the incident no further action will be taken.

The Cardiff Devils Club has been in touch with the supporter involved to inform him of his ban. The individual has apologised for his actions and expressed disappointment and remorse.

The club is currently conducting an investigation in association with all relevant parties involved, and will be putting in place additional measures to mitigate the risk of similar incidents occurring again in the future.

Cardiff Devils CEO Paul Ragan said:

“We pride ourselves on providing a very safe and family-focussed environment. Bad language and inappropriate behaviour, which compromises the safety of visitors, officials and players, will not be tolerated.

“While ice hockey is an extremely physical and adrenalin-packed sport, isolated incidents such as this are extremely rare and should not overshadow what is one of the most family friendly sporting experiences available.

“Anybody who was offended by the actions of the minority, on behalf of the Cardiff Devils, I offer my sincere apologies.

“The club is conducting a thorough investigation and will be taking appropriate internal action in response to the events that occurred last night.”

The Rapid Solicitors Elite League spokesperson, Tony Smith, said: "The League is aware of an incident following the conclusion of the Challenge Cup match on Sunday.

"As a League, we will be investigating the allegations made and will be working in conjunction with Cardiff, Coventry and the Cardiff Ice Rink.

"Ice hockey is a family sport and it is important we uphold that good reputation."