Batchslap returns

Batchslap returns

Posted on 19 February 2013

Have you seen the "Batchslap" in action!? We hope our Devils' fans have enjoyed watching it this season because it's returning for the Cardiff Devils' 2013/14 season!  The term "Batchslap" is in reference to Josh Batch's ability to tidy up loose play with his fists if necessary and a playful acknowledgement of the  Cardiff Devils' Power Forward's knack of hitting Elite League opponents where it hurts.

The versatile future Senior GB International has opened up his stride in recent weeks and has shown the speed, skill and physical presence that has delighted Devils' fans and Coaches alike. With the Devils' recent line-up changes due to injuries Batch has taken the opportunity to shine and play a crucial role in all situations for the Devils down the stretch. Additionally, Batch has started to show signs of real leadership by providing the emerging Devils' British contingent with the reassurance that they can play their game whilst the 6'4 and 235 winger plays his own.

Devils' Head Coach Gerad Adams confirmed that Batch is contracted to the Cardiff Devils for the 2013/14 season already and has been impressed by Josh's progress, "we moved Josh up on the wing this season to use his size and presence on the forecheck and to get his feet moving, he has shown that he is more than capable of scoring key goals, finishing his checks and keeping opposing teams honest with his power and size. He has a tonne of talent and we are all excited about what he will continue to bring to our Devils' line-up again next season."

Batch who is currently studying Accounting/Business Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management in Llandaff has enjoyed combining his second professional season with his Academic study. Batch reflecting on his 2nd season for the Cardiff Devils admits there is more to come, "I've enjoyed the opportunity to play up front as a forward this season and its been good to get a chance to develop my game. I have more to offer the Devils and at the moment I just want to finish this season as strong as I can. I'm excited to be back and looking forward to continuing my career in Cardiff."

Cardiff Devils Managing Director Brent Pope believes Batch is still flying under the radar on the British International scene at the moment, "I had a conversation with Doug Christianson recently about Josh and we both believe there is still a lot more to come from him. At times, Josh has reminded me of the "Big Easy" the famous nickname of Professional Golfer Ernie Els, but despite Josh's physical talent I think he has more horsepower under the hood of his car that he will provide our Devils' line-up next season. Josh is a bright young man and an emerging talent and we would love to see both Josh and Ben Davies break into that Senior GB International team next season. As long as they continue to develop and improve we believe that will be happening whilst they are here with us in Cardiff."

The Cardiff Devils would like to officially confirm that Josh Batch will "Be a Devil" again in 2013/14. Welcome back Josh and watch this space for more good news to come this week!