Andrew Conboy Released by Devils

Andrew Conboy Released by Devils

Posted on 12 November 2013

Regrettably, The Smart Solutions Cardiff Devils have announced the departure of Andrew Conboy with Immediate effect.

Andrew Conboy’s Elite League campaign has been a challenging one with three suspensions being carried at this early part of the season, and we feel Andrew is now a ‘marked man’ and will not be able to play to his full potential and we can’t risk any further suspensions.

With recent injuries to the current squad, the Cardiff Devils have had no option but to release Andrew in order to open up an additional playing spot providing depth and further options during the current suspension period and in order to strengthen future plans. 

The Search for a new signing is already underway with several players identified and swift action has been implemented to fill this roster slot as soon as possible.  .

We would like to Thank Andrew Conboy for all of his efforts and we would like to wish Andrew success in his future career.